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Jul, 2024

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Caldas da Cavaca - Aguiar da Beira

Meet the hot springs

Caldas da Cavaca is located in a farm of about ninety hectares, five kilometres from the county seat, on the left bank of the Ribeira de Coja, in a pleasant valley.


They are also called Termas da Cavaca and Banhos da Cavaca. In its complex there is a chapel, elevated next to the thermal baths and with access through several stretches of stone stairs, being this one of invocation of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.


Inaugurated in 1924 (operating licence granted on 16 November 1924), thanks to the initiative of the then merchant and mayor Fernando da Silva Laires, Caldas da Cavaca were open from that year until 1995, when they closed for about 13 years.


Discover life in the wild

Previous analyses carried out in 1919 and later in 1938 showed that their composition was quite interesting because of their high percentage of fluoride: it is considered to be a meso-thermal, low-mineralised water sprouting at a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees, hypo-saline, sulphuric, floureted and titanic.


On 10 April 1920, Fernando Laires applied to the City Council for permission to build a minor road linking Caldas da Cavaca to the Pinheiro road and the Coruche link road.


In 1940 there was already a clinical director there, as well as four bowls for immersion baths. However, it was in the 50's that the great impulse was given to transform that space into a small resort well equipped for the time.


Currently, Caldas da Cavaca also has a modern SPA to provide experiences and relaxing moments.